Wireless Alarm Systems

Sensible Security Systems and advice from a former Police Officer

Wireless Alarm Systems

Whether it is domestic or comercial protection you require, our security systems will protect your family, property, and belongings.

80% of burglars attempt to find out if a burglar alarm was present before carrying out the crime according to The Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation. Act today and avoid becoming a statistic.

Frontier Security supply, install and maintain a tried and tested reliable user – friendly security system designed to deter intruders and burglars.

Each Alarm System installation is unique and will follow a free site visit which enables us to assess your specific needs.

The new Pyronix Enforcer system is a breakthrough in technology with reliability and user-friendly operation. It uses two-way wireless technology to constantly monitor detectors and sounder units. We now install these systems daily and have been very pleased with their performance and reliability.

All detectors are completely wireless with only the main control panel being hard-wired into the mains electricity supply. You can choose from:

• Passive infra-red detectors

• Door Contacts

• Vibration Detectors

This wireless system is smartphone controlled which enables you to control the safety of your home on the go.