Rural Security

Sensible Security Systems and advice from a former Police Officer

Rural Security

Rural Crime has increased steadily over the years with the main issues being thefts of metal, machinery, Quad Bikes, livestock, fuel, and Break-ins to isolated and many not so isolated premises. Much of the equipment goes abroad often to countries further afield than would have previously been thought possible. We can offer a range of measures to raise the alert of intrusion or thefts and raise the security of the premises above the ´threat level´.

Perimeter Protection

We supply, install, and maintain solar-powered para-beam detectors which provide instant awareness of someone entering your property. These devices can monitor up to 60 meters apart, for example across a driveway or back garden and then transmit back to a property up to 700m away.

Once the detectors are triggered, they can signal a tone within your home, or a siren system on your ground to alert you someone has entered the vicinity of your property. Furthermore, they can contact pre-programmed telephone numbers via text to alert you of someone entering your property. Up to 8 sets of beams can be installed notifying which zone has been breached. The potential applications for these devices are without limit.

Vehicle or Quad Bike Tracking Systems

A simple system that has virtually little running costs can be attached to a vehicle using its own electrical system. The Unit can either be programmed to send a text message to a pre-programmed number giving the vehicles Co-ordinates and speed. Additionally, a set of coordinates can be set and if the vehicles move out-with those it will activate text notification. Sending a text message to the unit returns the coordinates of its location.